Better late than never


You may have noticed nothing ran yesterday. It was my day to post. I ran out of time before a busy evening. Today we take up an old chestnut that seems quite appropriate.

Most of us lead busy lives. We’re up early and to bed late. Every hour in between is regimented. Get to work. Hurry home. Activities abound. When we set our heads on the pillow we ponder the things we should have done.
Some of them, like yesterday’s adage are past due. With a post to the site, it’s easy to fix. Draft a new post the next day and publish it. Not every interaction works that way.
At work we have deadlines. Our higher ups have little tolerance for late work. In professions like sales, late contracts make for lean bottom lines. Often that pressure pushes more important interactions to the side.
In our relationships we tend to dread better late than never.
Many fear an offense that our friends or family never felt. The girl wrote about this the
other day. We dread something that isn’t real. As the days go by without a text or a call, taking the time seems like an even worse idea. Our guilt prevents us from doing something that will matter more than our work or our activities.
We cheat ourselves of true blessings worrying that someone will be mad we are late in reaching out. Some people will be upset. Our tardiness hurt them. The rift though is easier to repair when we choose late over never. Never causes a real wound to fester.
Who are you thinking of? The message won’t take a minute. The happiness you feel sending it will last for days.


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