All advantages come with a price

Advantages come with a price

I see so much. Everyday I encounter friends and strangers. If you’re like me, you see that some of them have some kind of advantage. It might be a nice house. Or someone may have a new sports car that catches our eye. What about the ultimate advantage of being able to do what one wants whenever?
No matter the advantage, someone paid a price to earn it. The car and house have price tags that we can find. Peace of mind doesn’t. But someone ponied up to earn that advantage.

When we see others with something special, envy tempts us. The soft whisper of why shouldn’t I have that fills our ears. We want that. We need it. Must have it.
And in that moment, we give no thought to the price paid. Envy paralyzes people. We fret and stress when we envy another. We want what they have. But we have no idea what they went through to get it.
Today’s adage reminds us, the bill always comes due. When you consider what someone else has, keep that in mind. Your stress of not having it won’t vanish without a trace. But as you consider it, you might discover the price isn’t worth paying.
I have a friend who owns a big, beautiful home. For many years, I thought of how I would like such a home. But I thought of how few vacations my friend takes. He commutes three hours a day. Works at least nine hours in the office. He stays up late answering emails, too.
That workstyle pays the mortgage on that big, beautiful home. When I weigh it out, I don’t want the house that bad. He found out far too late that he didn’t either.
Our life has many currencies. We control how much we pay ourselves in time, connections and joy. When you someone else’s monetary advantages, consider the other currencies. And the cost.
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