A good name is better than riches

King Solomon possessed unrivaled wisdom. Today’s adage comes straight from the Biblical book of Proverbs. No one challenges the idea that one’s reputation holds great value.

A good reputation leads to trust. Trust leads to more options. Options allow us more choice in determining our future. But who judges our reputation? We don’t. Others do.

Like all others on this earth, our reputation is outside of our control. We can influence how people perceive us. But we have no control over how the judge us. A wise man who lived close to thirty centuries after Solomon had a better idea.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, UCLA had the best men’s college basketball program. The teams compiled titles and regular season records. Their coach, John Wooden, drilled his players not only in the game, but in being good men. His advice rings true today.

We control our character. Everyday, while others evaluate our reputation, we can work on our character. Every good habit builds our character. Every credible act builds our character. Every promise kept builds our character.

Building strong character grants us peace of mind. It allows us to face each day with certainty. Best all all, having strong character leads to a sparkling reputation. Which, you may recall, is better than riches.

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