Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

28 days 6 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds - Devil You Know

Sometimes when we have to choose between what is known, even if it’s horrible, it is better to choose that than what you don’t know because it could be much worse. We all tend to fall into this trap at one time or another. Even if we are miserable, we will stay in a bad situation because if we make a change, it might be far worse than the situation we were in.

Known things are comfortable. They reside in our comfort zone. And it can beautiful place because we feel safe there. The problem is, nothing ever grows in that environment

Overcoming the urge to stay stuck in a place that sucks, but is known takes time and often immense pain. We don’t often make changes in our life until we decide that staying where we are is more painful than our fear of making a change and it not working like we thought it would.

We can stay stuck where we don’t belong for a very long time because we prefer the devil we know. The flip side is, we might not have to know a new devil at all. The truth is, change is going to happen in life, whether we want it to or not. Growth, however, is optional.

When we find ourselves wondering if we should make a change and we fear the devil we don’t know, we need to remind ourselves of how resilient we are and how far we have come. We lose sight of that when we are afraid. We are going to come across many devils in our life. The good news is, each time we deal with a devil, we learn how to do it. We discover that we can overcome these challenges and we a stronger because of it.

What devil have you allowed to take up residency in your comfort zone?

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