Misery loves company.

Heisler Park Plants - Misery - California

People who are unhappy find comfort in the company of others who are unhappy, too. If you happen to be a relatively happy person, they will try to bring you down so you are more on their level of misery. Whether they do it consciously or unconsciously, these people are emotional vampires who feed off of others.

These people tend to have a victim mentality when it comes to their world view. They tend to be overly critical of others and are quick to judge people. They will misread your intentions and even facts of what happened to fit their world view because they are so committed to seeing everything in a negative light.

The truth is, the universe has an abundance of positive energy and there is more than enough for everyone. What it comes down to is your mindset and how you choose to look at the world. People who are negative have a self-created positive energy deficit. They attempt to “charge” their energy by draining others and trying to create misery in others so that they feel better about feeling miserable. I know when I spend too much time around negative people; I feel depleted, usually end up with a headache and feel an overall sense of blah. Notice how negative people are looking for energy externally – by interacting with other people and bringing them down to where they are.

Positive people on the other hand, look for energy internally. These people usually feel good about who and where they are on their journey, they look at challenges as opportunities and they see failures as a way to better themselves. They are focused on themselves and do not have a victim mentality. Again, it’s all about mindset. And because they are focused inwards, others naturally feel good vibes and energy when they are around them. They radiate positivity and they give off positive charges to those around them. As a result, we feel better around them because they uplift us and encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Remember that your vibe attracts your tribe. What kind of energy are you?

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