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A good name is better than riches

King Solomon possessed unrivaled wisdom. Today’s adage comes straight from the Biblical book of Proverbs. No one challenges the idea that one’s reputation holds great value. A good reputation leads to trust. Trust leads to more options. Options allow us … Continue reading

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All advantages come with a price

I see so much. Everyday I encounter friends and strangers. If you’re like me, you see that some of them have some kind of advantage. It might be a nice house. Or someone may have a new sports car that … Continue reading

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Laugh before sunrise; cry before sunset

Today’s adage comes from the middle ages. That age produced Hobbes and his reflection on a person’s short, brutish life. Many believed those who laughed or sang or enjoyed living, would soon stand corrected. Such unhelpful attitudes persist today.

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Better late than never

You may have noticed nothing ran yesterday. It was my day to post. I ran out of time before a busy evening. Today we take up an old chestnut that seems quite appropriate.

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Absence is the mother of all disillusion

This adage is the flip side of the more famous: absence makes the heart grow fonder. The one is a romantic notion. The other speaks to cold truth. Few know this saying or harness its power. In fairness, it is … Continue reading

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If you can’t bite, never show your teeth

The other day, I mentioned a little about confrontation. I wanted to delve deeper into the point with today’s adage. When one enters into a confrontation, presence of mind is critical to succeed. That is not always possible.

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It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live

Today’s adage comes from Marcus Aurelius.  Aurelius championed stoicism. His treatment of fear illustrates the philosophy. In stoic thought, one pays attention to events under one’s own control. It is logical then to not fear death. Death is inevitable. What … Continue reading

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