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Laugh before sunrise; cry before sunset

Today’s adage comes from the middle ages. That age produced Hobbes and his reflection on a person’s short, brutish life. Many believed those who laughed or sang or enjoyed living, would soon stand corrected. Such unhelpful attitudes persist today. Advertisements

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Absence is the mother of all disillusion

This adage is the flip side of the more famous: absence makes the heart grow fonder. The one is a romantic notion. The other speaks to cold truth. Few know this saying or harness its power. In fairness, it is … Continue reading

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Danger is real but fear is a choice.

People often confuse fear with danger. Danger is very real, but fear is an emotional response to something that may or may not be real. Let’s take a look at their unique definitions. Danger: The possibility of suffering harm or … Continue reading

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