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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

You may know this famous quote from The Godfather Part II or Machiavelli, but it dates back to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Friends are somewhat predictable and you know their strengths and weaknesses. The idea of keeping your … Continue reading

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Laugh before sunrise; cry before sunset

Today’s adage comes from the middle ages. That age produced Hobbes and his reflection on a person’s short, brutish life. Many believed those who laughed or sang or enjoyed living, would soon stand corrected. Such unhelpful attitudes persist today.

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Absence is the mother of all disillusion

This adage is the flip side of the more famous: absence makes the heart grow fonder. The one is a romantic notion. The other speaks to cold truth. Few know this saying or harness its power. In fairness, it is … Continue reading

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You will never learn something from those who agree with you

Do you fear confrontation? Most do. It takes stern stuff to stand against a foe. But when we only hear agreement, we do not learn anything new. Take our competing echo chambers. One side declares the other to be corrupt. … Continue reading

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You can’t judge a book by its cover

We’ve heard this adage so often we ignore the deeper meaning. Within are two gems for our hectic, modern lives. The first concerns the sense on which we most rely. What we see is what we get only in text … Continue reading

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